Wear It Like Them: After Dark

After bidding farewell to a hectic workday, even the most prim and proper one amongst us will somehow fuel up some unspent energy and let our hair down by soaking in whatever remnants of the short-lived night we have left.

Hence we get extra giddy (the happy kind) when our organiser is filled with PM appointments with our beloved ones.

We know no matter whether it’s a romantic dinner for two with our other half or gossiping  bonding with our girlfriends over cocktails, there isn’t quite a night to let loose like after a day’s of hard work to enjoy ourselves thoroughly and so fashionably!

So here are some ideas for your next dreamy date night or glamourous girls’ night out.

off shoulder pleated top

neck wrap halter top

off shoulder bodycon dress


Photo credits: pinterest.com, stylebop.com, asos.com, matchesfashion.com, nordstrom.com, sephora.com, ssense.com and forwardforward.com.

Beauty Talk: Homemade Beauty

Lately, I’ve been embracing a little holistic spirit into my lifestyle. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have already known that plants are filtering the air I breathe, green juice (or rather brown juice cos’ blueberries are party poopers like that) is the drink I swear by.

A few weeks ago, my skin started breaking out. I freaked out and tried a million zit-zapping gel/cream/basically anything that promises a pimple-free skin.

Sadly, nothing worked.

So the inner hippie in me got in touch with nature and decided to go the route of DIY beauty. Sure enough, my trusty gurus – the YouTube kind that is –  led me to my guiding light I mean a video by Bubzbeauty for a beautiful skin remedy.

The answer to treating problematic skin is actually all along in my kitchen and in fact, it’s my go-to breakkie – OATMEAL!

DIY beauty oatmeal mask

According to this source, oatmeal can absorb and remove oil and bacteria from skin, and exfoliates dead skin cells, all of which can combat acne. Honey and tea tree oil are also helpful additives.

It’s really simple: take about 1 teaspoon of oatmeal, add a few drops of warm water and apply mixture to the entire face. Let it stand for about 15mins, then rinse.

I do this treatment as the last step in my cleansing routine every night and my breakouts are disappearing faster than the ombre hair trend.

Surely innovative technology can’t beat this au naturel yet high performance remedy. Besides being pocket friendly, it’s easily obtainable and best of all, it’s safe – unless of course, you’re allergic to oats. Like all beauty products (even those yummy, edible ones), it’s better to do a patch test first, just to be safe.

DIY beauty oatmeal mask

Do you have any natural beauty tips from the kitchen too? We’re dying to know yours so share them with us on our Facebook!

Hope You’re Mine: One Year Wiser

What puts “happy” in birthday other than love and felicitations is lust! Lust from pinning and pining from the things I want, that is. Marking the milestone with friends and family, and a yummylicious cake is definitely the highlight of my birthday fete but the icing on the cake has got to be ringing in the celebration with gifts! Whether it’s gifted or self-purchased, no birthdays are complete without a little somethin’-somethin’.

Though sincerity is best felt when hand-picked but sometimes good faith comes in the form of nailing one’s heart’s desire too. As much as I appreciate the thoughtfulness that comes with every gift but loved ones being the people whom love me and I love would naturally want to buy something I adore as much.

Hence if you’re still searching high and low for the perfect gift (for me!), here are some suggestions to help you break out of the gifting rut, which I’ll be happy to be present-ed with!

birthday wish list

birthday wish list

Topshop Tall Lace Back Playsuit |  Tory Burch Careen Loafers with Contrast Sole | Aldo Laptop Bag | ASOS Floral Bug Necklace | YSL Lipstick in Lingerie Pink | Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book | Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation | Sigma Mrs Bunny Travel Kit

But of course, material things aside, the birthday gifts I truly want are those wishes I will be making eyes closed, hands clasped and wishing upon my birthday cake.

So may all my wishes come true…

What to Wear: Smokin’ Hot

I know it sounds silly for a tropical girl to whine about the blazing sun but do you know that not all summery days are equal?

There’re the beautiful balmy ones (a sweet treat these days); then there’re those that create an (unhealthy) obsession with ice-cream – not that I didn’t have one before the mercury spike but it’s easy to put the blame on the weather! Unfortunately for us, the tiny island dwellers, the latter seems to be showing unfair partiality to us at the moment.

Every time we step out, the sweltering sun threatens to turn us into walking charcoals. As if that’s not brutal enough, scorching summer days leave us sweating buckets, feeling muggy all over and having our clothes stuck to our skin. Totally not a pretty sight.

Since we’re all no longer flushed faced hyperactive kiddos, naturally the discomfort gets to us and make us wanna dress accordingly.

While it’s perfectly fine to turn to Cochella for fun summer inspirations but why not turn it up a notch when you’re ready to roll in more than just a muscle tank and denim cutoffs? So no matter the weather, we must always remember to dress up!

Here’s some ideas to cool ourselves while staying hot – not literally of course!

1. Strap ice packs to yourself. No, just kidding! (Though I admit there’re days when this option is crazily tempting!).

1. Be an airy fairy

One way to battle the heatwave is to wear airy clothes in lightweight material. Not only do they wick the sweat off, cool breeze can pass – à la Marilyn Monroe!

Get the look with these: 

Flip Side Cut-out Dress

 Sweet Like Candies Skater Dress

 2. Go tiny

Get naughty! I mean have on as little as possible! Well, that didn’t help either. Let’s try that once more I mean dress up in summer-friendly camis or cropped tops (which are all the rage) to keep cool. Now this sounds better!

Get the look with these:

It’s Electric 2 Piece Shorts Set

Wanderlust 2 Piece Set

 Peace and Love Cami

3. Look smokin’

Well, if all things fail, the best way to beat the heat is to be the heat. Raise temperatures further and turn heads by looking fantabulous.

Get the look with these:

 Sweeping Statement Maxi Dress

The Little Red Dress

All street style images via Pinterest.

Back with a Bang!

As the saying goes “Absence makes the heart fonder”, we know we’ve been missed! (At least we hope we were!)

We must apologise for the long break in updating this space.

It has been a crraaazzzzy few months here at Style Societal (ok, and maybe we are guilty of a little bit of indolence), but WE ARE BACK and we are beyond excited to continue sharing our thoughts with you.

But first, let us update you on what we have been getting our hands into:

We’d gone on a few sourcing trips within the past few months to suss out beautiful clothes to share with our loyal fashionistas. Here is some evidence of us hard at work!

Getting fuel

Recharging our souls

Mall hopping

Well…maybe not.

But in our defense, mall crawling is totally a part of our job! We’ve got to keep up with this capricious retail scene, don’t we?

Besides scouring fab garb, we’ve scored something spectacular ourselves.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Twitter, this would be news of yesteryear. But if you aren’t chummy with us on social media (why haven’t you?!); we’re pleased to announce that Style Societal is now stocked at First Day

Photo: First Day

So good news for you girls out there who prefer analog to digital, you can now shop the good ol’ fashion way (no pun intended)! We’re thrilled to ink the deal with First Day because we know nothing beats the excitement of feeling, touching and trying on beautiful clothes in a legit brick-and-motar setting. Head on down to First Day to try the clothes and ring the till while you’re at it!

Sadly, we’re still a plane ride away from our international customers. Well, unless you’re in town (my town, that is) come find us at First Day!

Lastly and lately, we’ve been a little more into the whole “A picture paints a thousand words” phrase kind of phase (looking rhyme-y there!). So other than Faceboook and Twitter, we’ve added Instagram to our keep-posted list too!

The snap app captures those behind-the-scene moments – from playing dress-up to the stuff on my dinner plate to the sights that filled me in awe – in other words, fun times.

Come stalk follow us on Instagram – and to those who haven’t join us on any social media platform, here’s your chance to redeem yourself! Just kidding! Our user name is stylesocietal and let us say “Cheese”!

First Day is located at:
Plaza Singapura
680 Orchard Road
Opens daily from 10.30am to 10.00pm

Style Societal News: Our Brand New Look is Unveiled!

Ok, we’ll admit it….the website redesign took longer than expected. Trust us, it was never our intention to test your patience like that. Though I’ve got a hundred and one better ways of doing it. I’m kidding, of course!

Without going into details, I would only say that everything that can go wrong, went wrong. As a matter of fact, it went horribly, majorly wrong – except the design aspect becos’ my designer gets everything right on point. She’s like a mind reader!

Like all facelifts (the kind that involve a doctor and a scalpel included), a vision is always vital before a transformation – I mean isn’t it scary to go into surgery without a sense of the “after”?

Our website’s nip/tuck journey is no exception too! Except a) we’re in the good hands of my awesome designer, b) “after” shock doesn’t result in screams and tears and c) changes are totally reversible and painless.

To not even remotely bore you with a creative brief presentation (not that it’s boring), let’s cut to the chase behind the new design concept, shall we?

With a new branding direction in place, it’s without a doubt that our new site design took a 360 degree makeover to be collectively positioned to represent our brand in a more cohesive voice.

Our design concept conveys the soul of our brand where the spirit of individuality is subtly captured within a generous dash of glamour, a hint of eclecticism and a touch of theatricality.

Here’s the mood board that I gave my designer.

This overhaul is more than just a cosmetic makeover. New features are added too!

For one, we’ve made collecting Style Points easier and more fun!

In addition to purchasing, signing up as our member and referring your friends to us, you can now:

Wanna know more about Style Points? Click here to find out!

The techie upgrade continues to our payment gateway too. I understand some of you might not have access to credit cards or feel insecure about using your credit cards online. We heard your request so we’ve incorporated eNETS Direct debit - a secure and reliable method of payment – to our current selection. Local consumers can now shop without worries! 

As if these utterly wonderful changes/additions weren’t enough already, we’re tossing in a sale!

Yup, a sale! Enjoy 40% off all apparels except New Arrivals till the end of September! So hurry now, check out our newly revamped site and score some rad clothes while doing so!

Oh! Don’t forget to sign up as a member to enjoy all the fabulous benefits of Style Points! This membership is free and you can sign up without making any purchase.

You’ll never regret the membership. Pinky swear.

P.S. If you’re wondering what happened to the posts between July to present, they disappeared from the front end after a server migration. For some odd reasons they’re not showing up though the posts are all in our database (cPanel X). We just can’t seem to get them to appear! It’s simply frustrating!

What I Wore: Long Jump

Other than being fashion’s working-class hero and the de rigueur style (heck, it’s the only style) of the orange-is-so-not-your-colour prison garb, jumpsuits are actually pretty rad. They combine the full-service style of a dress and the functionality of a pair of pants that anyone could love – including anti-dress advocates who don’t have to fret over a 2-piece ensemble.

Jumpsuits are already killer pieces on their own so what can be more edgy than a long-sleeve jumpsuit?

Make it polka-dotted.

This jumpsuit totally hits the spot for me when I first spotted it. Daringly shaken up with generous sprinkles of bold statement circle print, I could easily envision the oodles of potential that the onesie has with the right accessories and a little creativity.

While it’s easy to feel overwhelm in a silhouette and print like this, thankfully the deep-V front detail polish the look perfectly.

Indeed, this is one graphic dot piece that doesn’t suggest juvenile associations of Minnie Mouse.

To make my look more cocktail party friendly (I wore this ultra-modern dress substitute to a friend’s wedding reception!), I worked this heavily-dotted jumpsuit with black, grey and gold accents – including a smoke-out eye makeup paired with the quintessential nude lips.

With respect to the aforementioned “oodles of potential”, here’s what I did to unleash its hidden potentiality to sharpen the look.

1. A gold hardware accented belt 

This is certainly a turning point for the getup. It cinches the waistline to add a definition and gives it more of that oomph factor.

2. Cuffed Sleeves

Since I’m not blessed with supermodel genes (why! oh why!), a full-sleeve jumpsuit can easily swallow me up so I cuffed the sleeves to bare a little more skin for a well-balanced proportion.

Hype this look on LookBook.nu and Chictopia.com.